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ALIVEe is going even Greener! ALIVEe Massage Tables and Chairs is keeping its promise to it's customers as well as the environment to be as conservative as they can in preserving our planet. ALIVEe's office and warehouse are now 100% heated and cooled by Geo Thermal by using energy within the earth. Because our earth's interior, like the sun provides heat energy from nature. This heat is called Geothermal energy which yields warmth and power that we use without polluting the environment.

Now that phase one has been accomplished, our next focus is on the development and installation of sustainable energy that can supply all of our electricity needs through wind and solar technology. ALIVEe Massage Tables and Chairs is dedicated to bringing affordable massage products with environmental causes in mind to dedicated professionals.

ALIVEe is committed to reduce its carbon footprint. See what else we are doing to be more responsible to better maintain our nature resources.

As an Eco-Bonus, ALIVEe will plant a tree for every table and/or chair sold.

Tropical forests are the lungs of the Earth, storing enormous amounts of carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen in a never-ending cycle of life. Please help ALIVEe help our endangered tropical forest to continue help regulate the atmosphere and stabilize global climate.

Tropical forests play a special role in the fight to end global climate change. This reforestation effort will also remove 10 million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year which equals to taking 2 million cars off the road.

At ALIVEe we are not only dedicated to helping our client's to attain their professional achievements. We also care about our community and environment, at ALIVEe we are working hard to protect our planet. It is our mission to protect our natural resources and all living things, therefore every year ALIVEe on behalf of all our customers, we donate 5% of our profit to World Wild Life Organization, The Wilderness Society and other charitable organizations.

Thank you for your continuing supports of ALIVEe Massage Products as we give back to our community, environment, wild life and our natural resources.

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