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ALIVEe Massage Tables Bolsters Pillows

Are the added support your clients need, with our Ultra soft leather and full range of sizes you will find the bolster you need See All Bolsters Pillows Now
$21 -$32 W/ Free shipping

Solid Hardwood Massage Stools

Are strong and portable for the therapist on the move See Stools
$48 W/ Free shipping

ALIVEe Finest Quality Massage Tables For Sale

You need a Massage Table?
You want a massage table For Sale that is built to the highest quality standards;

that means it is made from solid hard woods, the massage tables foam is made with a system that provides unmatched comfort
and will supply extreme comfort for your 5’2” 90lb client as well as your 6’3” 600lb football star.
On top of that the massage table must be covered with an UltraSoft cover that feels like silk and stains like steel.
And you want it cheap. You Have Found All this and more with ALIVEe Massage Tables and Chairs.

Non Profit Work and ALIVEe Massage Tables and Chairs

At ALIVEe, we donate our time and part of our profits to the not for profit sector read more about ALIVEe Massage Tables and Chairs, Massage Tables for Our Planet

How We Build Our Massage Tables For Sale

Come and see how we build our massage tables For Sale, the solid hard wood construction. See how our layered Massage Table Foam is designed for comfort and why we only use our UltraSoft Leathers to cover our ALIVEe massage tables for sale

List Of Massage Tables For Sale

Interested in our selection of massage tables and our low prices then come and see all of our massage tables for sale
Want to know why we do what we do and how we can offer this quality at the price we do?
Then come and learn all about ALIVEe Massage Tables and Chairs

IF you are looking for the finest quality Massage Products
Massage Tables, Massage Chairs and Accessories?

ALIVEe Massage Tables and Chairs is your Last Stop for Massage Therapy Supplies. ALIVEe Massage Tables and Chairs Searches the World for the Finest Quality Massage Products and Offers them All in One Place.

Our Massage Tables For Sale Start with the Finest Quality Hardwoods

and are sculpted to perfection. Then we cover all of our massage tables in our specialized 3 layer foam system which matches clients’ weight with the proper support. Then they are wrapped in our UltraSoft Leather which is made with environmentally friendly processes and feels like silk, lastly our craftsmen carefully finish the massage table in our exquisite Natural Finish or our deep Dark Finish. Only after the final polish and a 15 point personal inspection will we ship your new ALIVEe Massage Table to you. Because of our dedicated staff we are sure ALIVEe will be the only massage tables you will ever need. Because we believe in our massage products, we also offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

ALIVEe’s Promise to the Environment

When you purchase a massage table or a massage chair from
We Plant a Tree on Your Behalf to Fight Deforestation and Offset Our Carbon Foot Print.

Learn More About ALIVEe Massage Tables and Chairs Green Projects


We offer a 2 year manufactures warranty against manufactures defect and
10 years on the legs and frame of the massage table. 30 Day Money Back guarantee on all your Purchase

Learn More About ALIVEe Massage Tables and Chairs Warranty

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